Why Koreans Are So White ?

Genetic Traits: Genetic factors specific to Koreans might contribute to their fair skin tone. 

Lifestyle: Their lifestyle, which might involve limited exposure to sunlight and fresh air, could affect their skin color. 

Diet: The consumption of certain foods can also influence skin color. 

Melanin Levels: Melanin, the pigment that controls skin color, could be influenced by various factors. 

Sunscreen Use: Using sunscreen to protect against sunlight can play a role in maintaining fair skin. 

Cultural and Historical Context: Cultural and historical contexts might also have contributed to their perceived skin tone. 

Individual Factors: Personal habits, reactions to chemical substances, and overall health can all have an impact on skin color. 

Specialized Products: The use of specialized products to alter skin color permanently could be considered. 

Life Circumstances: Life circumstances and environmental factors can impact skin tone. 

Genetics: Genetic makeup can significantly influence an individual's skin color.