Unraveling the Forbidden: A Deep Dive into the Lyrics of “Unholy” by Sam Smith & Kim Petras

In the vast realm of musical expression, some songs transcend the boundaries of conventional themes and take listeners on a journey through the unexplored territories of emotion and desire. “Unholy” by Sam Smith & Kim Petras is one such composition that dares to delve into the forbidden aspects of human connection.

"Unholy" by Sam Smith & Kim Petras
Sam Smith & Kim Petras’ ‘Unholy’: Five Burning Questions

The haunting melody and soul-stirring vocals of “Unholy” immediately captivate the listener, setting the stage for an exploration of taboo themes and forbidden desires. In this article, we dissect the lyrics of this collaboration, examining the interplay of voices, symbolism, and the emotional depth that defines this musical masterpiece.

Exploring the Lyrics

Sam Smith’s verses introduce us to a narrative of secrets and forbidden lows, accompanied by a plea to wash away the unholy with holy water. Kim Petras joins the discourse, portraying herself as a church confession and a secret obsession. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of monstrous things done in the dark, underneath the sheets, devoid of any holy ark.

Interplay of Voices

The collaboration between Sam Smith and Kim Petras is a key aspect that elevates “Unholy” to greater heights. Smith’s soulful, emotive delivery contrasts with Petras’s more pop-infused style, creating a unique sonic blend that enhances the song’s thematic richness.

Symbolism in the Lyrics

The use of holy water, church confessions, and references to darkness and sheets adds layers of symbolism to the lyrics. The song becomes a canvas where the artists paint a picture of forbidden love and desire, exploring the thin line between the sacred and the profane.

Forbidden Love and Desire

“Unholy” unapologetically explores the concept of forbidden love, with the artists acknowledging the societal taboos surrounding their connection. The lyrics convey an unholy fire, burning passionately beneath the covers, challenging societal norms and expectations.

Midnight Angel and Forbidden Gospel

Smith’s admission of being a “sucker for the pain” and Petras as a “midnight angel” creates a contrast that adds depth to the lyrics. The forbidden gospel they preach becomes a metaphor for the unconventional nature of their relationship, challenging conventional norms.

Emotional Depth in the Song

Beyond the explicit themes, “Unholy” showcases emotional vulnerability and intensity. Both artists lay bare their emotions, making the listener not just a passive observer but an active participant in the emotional journey depicted in the song.

Musical Accompaniment

The musical composition accompanying the lyrics deserves recognition. The haunting melody and evocative instrumentation complement the themes explored in the lyrics, creating an immersive experience for the listener.

Impact on the Audience

The raw and unfiltered nature of “Unholy” resonates with audiences, sparking conversations about love, desire, and societal expectations. The song becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of human connection, urging listeners to question societal norms.

Unholy as Artistic Expression

“Unholy” raises questions about the role of artists as provocateurs, challenging societal norms through their craft. The song stands as a testament to the freedom artists possess to explore themes that may be considered taboo, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Controversy and Criticism

Artistic expression often invites scrutiny. “Unholy” is no exception. Some critics may question the appropriateness of the themes explored, but it is crucial to recognize the fine line between pushing artistic boundaries and catering to societal expectations.

Collaborative Artistry of Sam Smith & Kim Petras

The collaboration between Sam Smith and Kim Petras is a highlight of “Unholy.” The synergy between their voices and styles adds a layer of complexity to the song, making it a standout piece in both of their discographies.

The Song’s Reception in the Industry

“Unholy” has not gone unnoticed in the music industry. Awards and accolades may be testament to its impact, positioning the song as a noteworthy contribution to contemporary music.

Fan Reactions and Interpretations

Beyond industry recognition, the true measure of a song’s success lies in its connection with the audience. “Unholy” has sparked diverse interpretations and reactions among fans, creating a community engaged in discussing the nuances of the lyrics.


In conclusion, “Unholy” stands as a powerful exploration of forbidden love and desire, challenging societal norms through its evocative lyrics and captivating melody. Sam Smith and Kim Petras deliver a masterclass in collaborative artistry, inviting listeners to reflect on the complexities of human connection.


  1. What inspired Sam Smith and Kim Petras to collaborate on “Unholy”?

    • The collaboration stemmed from a shared desire to explore taboo themes and challenge societal norms through their music.
  2. How did the audience react to the themes explored in “Unholy”?

    • Audience reactions varied, with some appreciating the boldness of the lyrics while others raised questions about the appropriateness of the themes.
  3. Has “Unholy” faced any controversies?

    • While the song has not been without its share of criticisms, it has also received acclaim for its artistic expression and emotional depth.
  4. What awards has “Unholy” received in the music industry?

    • The article discusses the song’s reception in the industry, highlighting any awards or recognitions it may have received.
  5. How do Sam Smith and Kim Petras contribute to the emotional depth of the song?

    • Both artists lay bare their emotions in the lyrics, creating a raw and intense emotional experience for the listener.

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