Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Home: A Legacy Saved from the Wrecking Ball

In a recent turn of events, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic Brentwood residence faced an uncertain future with the looming threat of demolition. This article sheds light on the story of how Councilmember Traci Park, a prominent figure in Los Angeles, intervened to preserve Monroe’s final abode from impending destruction.

Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Home: A Legacy Saved from the Wrecking Ball

A Race Against Time

The story begins with an unexpected twist when the Glory of the Snow Trust, the owner of Marilyn Monroe’s Spanish Colonial residence, applied for a demolition permit. This news sent shockwaves through Monroe’s admirers and history enthusiasts alike. Councilmember Traci Park wasted no time in taking action to save this cultural treasure.

In a race against the clock, Park and her team were determined to prevent the demolition. Unfortunately, bureaucratic hurdles emerged as the Department of Building and Safety issued the demolition permit before they could fully intervene.

Traci Park’s Passionate Advocacy

Standing before an attentive audience, Councilmember Traci Park channeled the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. She wore red lipstick and styled her short blond hair in a manner reminiscent of the iconic Hollywood star. With fervor, she declared her commitment to preserving Monroe’s last residence and safeguarding the city’s rich history.

Park’s speech transcended the preservation of a building; it served as a testament to the importance of safeguarding Los Angeles’ cultural heritage. She announced her intention to present a motion before the City Council, aiming to designate Monroe’s home as a historic-cultural monument.

A Motion to Protect Heritage

The motion presented by Councilmember Park called for immediate action to evaluate the historical and cultural significance of the property. Importantly, it emphasized that such recognition would not infringe upon the rights of the property owner. Instead, it aimed to acknowledge the undeniable historical and cultural value of Monroe’s former residence.

A City Divided

The fate of Monroe’s Brentwood home ignited a spirited debate within the city. During the public comment section of the City Council meeting, Angelenos voiced their opinions. Some questioned the urgency of preserving the home amidst a growing homelessness crisis, while others fervently defended the importance of honoring women and preserving historical landmarks.

Stacey Segarra-Bohlinger, a representative of the Sherman Oaks neighborhood council, eloquently expressed the sentiment shared by many. She declared that preserving history is both a duty and an honor, criticizing developers who she felt prioritized personal gain over the city’s heritage.

A Unanimous Decision

After a thorough debate, the L.A. City Council made a historic decision. They voted unanimously to proceed with the consideration of designating Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home as a historic-cultural monument. This momentous step signifies a commitment to preserving the city’s rich history and ensuring that future generations can appreciate the cultural significance of this iconic residence.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home has been granted a temporary reprieve from demolition, thanks to the dedication and passion of Councilmember Traci Park and the unanimous support of the L.A. City Council. This victory is not just about preserving a building; it’s about safeguarding the cultural heritage of a city that cherishes its history.


  1. Why was Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home at risk of demolition? Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home faced demolition due to a demolition permit requested by the owner, Glory of the Snow Trust.

  2. What actions did Councilmember Traci Park take to save the home? Councilmember Traci Park acted swiftly to initiate consideration of designating the home as a historic-cultural monument, seeking to protect its historical and cultural significance.

  3. What were the arguments for and against preserving the home during the City Council meeting? During the public comment section, some questioned the urgency of preserving the home amidst a homelessness crisis, while others emphasized the importance of honoring women and preserving historical landmarks.

  4. What does the unanimous decision of the L.A. City Council mean for Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home? The unanimous decision signifies a commitment to preserving the home as a historic-cultural monument, ensuring its cultural significance is recognized and protected.

  5. What is the significance of Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home in Hollywood history? Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home is a symbol of Hollywood’s golden era and an important piece of cultural history, making it a significant landmark.

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